Hawaii Healing Arts Academy offers a collection of valuable resources to support a more healthy, joyful, and fully-integrated life.  
​All programs are created to inspire personal and professional individuals in taking responsibility for their health, well-being, spiritual growth, and joy.  

Our programs teach an intelligent approach to health and wellbeing that honors the truths of the innate body intelligence, and the wisdom of the Soul.

Programs, Events, Classes and Retreats

BIO-ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT METHOD  - Empowering life with the full expression of body, mind and Soul with Dr Alvita Soleil

BEAM (Bio-Energetic Alignment Method) is a revolutionary, transformative, multi-faceted holistic method.  It offers a lifetime of healing benefits to anyone seeking greater physical health, vitality, spiritual awakening, and a more joyful and fulfilling life.  

BEAM integrates the timeless wisdom of ancient practices of oriental medicine with the foundation of energy (muscle) testing, woven together with the advanced knowledge of quantum physics, the coherent fields of energy psychology techniques, such as EFT, Psych-K, Tapping and NAET, and heart-based consciousness.
This empowering healing method is reliable, practical, and easy-to-learn.  To support the alignment between the many facets of the human being, Dr.Soleil has designed healing maps to guide us in correcting health imbalances, relationship challenges, personal growth, finances, mental and emotional stress.

BEAM invites us to transform deeply within to cultivate a deeper experience of our true nature, and optimize conscious choice that supports everything we do.  We will explore the hidden powers of BEAM, such as awareness, trust, presence, focus, surrender, equanimity presence, and connection.  This empowering modality supports us in stepping into our authentic power, and creates long lasting positive healthier changes in our lives.

Whether you join us for a workshop, a retreat immersion, or classes, you'll learn personalized tools to support your quest for total health and well-being.  BEAM is the foundation for
all other programs taught by Dr. Soleil.  It is for individuals and health care practitioners, and anyone committed to their well-being and evolution.

COMING HOME TO THE BODY - Moving from instinctual survival to conscious creation​, with Dr. Alvita Soleil

Our bodies carry us every step we take, and are the receptacles of our ancestors' imprint, our thoughts, beliefs, stories we tell ourselves, our fears and our hopes.  

Ancient peoples were very wise; they knew that their body was a sacred marriage of matter and soul and the sacred relationship between matter and spirit.  Many of us have forgotten that this amazing body is inseparable from our biological heritage.  This perceived separation from our body has created a profound sense of alienation in our culture.  
In occupying our body, we can reconnect with nature and the Earth that nurtures us, directly experiencing our interconnectedness with all life and with our deeper Self.
The body lives a gigantic truth.  We will explore the body as a temple, the body as a garden, the body as a sin, the body as transitory, and the body as energy.  With this introspection, we will access our cellular wisdom, where all is always well.  This journey takes us from being a victim of our reality to being a creator, and as we recognize this knowledge, we can trust ourselves more in creating the life we really want to live.  If your cells could talk, what would they say?

EXPRESSIVE HEALING ARTS - Explore, Create, Connect, Discover, with Dr. Alvita Soleil

For centuries, cultures around the world have used all mediums of art to promote healing.  In fact, all healing arts are rooted in the bedrock of our innate creative process of transformation.  Creativity is our connection to Spirit; it is Soul medicine where the sweet flow of creation can come naturally when we are present.
Expressive healing art opens a language of images, symbols and metaphors which speak from the deepest aspects of the self.  We are all creative beings with stories to tell, emotions
​ to express, and gifts to share.  We provide a safe container to express feelings that sometimes are too painful or elusive to express with words.  You will be invited through movement, dance, poetry, psychodrama, artwork, creative writing and story to bridge your inner experience to the outer world, and vice versa.  Your creative process is the healer; it can then become a source of inspiration, comfort, strength, and freedom.  Come and play with us!

CONTEMPLATIVE NEUROSCIENCE - Change your life by changing your brain,  with Alvita Soleil

This workshop is an invitation to use the mind to change the brain.  We will expore how the brain works and changes; how it gets emotionally hijacked (fear, anxiety depression), or can settle into more joy, relaxation and wisdom.

What flows through the mind sculpts the brain.  Thus, we can learn gradually to rewire our own brain from the inside out for greater health, inner peace, and for the benefit of every person we touch.
We will weave information, practices, and methods that have been scientifically demonstrated to have positive effects in shaping our internal world by making us more focused, resilient and resourceful as well as widening our circles of compassion and care.

Additionally, researchers have discovered that when supplied with the proper nutrients, supplements  and good diet, our brain can literally regrow itself from the inside out.  We will learn how to make changes in our diet, and find effective supplements and herbs that can improve brain function, memory, and stimulate neural regeneration. The path of awakening involves both transforming the mind/brain and remembering our incredible true nature that has been there all along.

BIO-ENERGETIC MEDICINE - Healing with energy psychology, EFT, Psych-K,  Tapping, etc., with Alvita Soleil

Energy Psychology is a relatively  new field of healing methods that merges modern psychology with ancient healing traditions.  It acknowledges
the existence of a multidimensional anatomy, and understands the integral relationship of subtle energies.

We will take you on a journey of discovery and self-empowerment and teach you a blend of the best aspects of energy psychology and other energetic healing modalities.
Building on conventional therapeutic models, energy psychology utilizes techniques from traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, yoga, qi gong, and energy medicine to initiate inner and outer changes in people's lives.  It works by stimulating energy points on the surface of the skin which, when combined with specific psychological procedures, can shift the brain's electrochemistry to help overcome negative emotions, habits and behaviors.

Energy psychology is applicable to a wide range of areas, including emotional and physical conditions, core belief restructuring, pain management, sports and peak performance.  It may be used in conjunction with other conventional medical approaches, or as a complete system for self-help and self-care.

We will teach you the skill of releasing old belief systems and patterns that keep us small and trapped in old behaviors.  This work is a deep healing journey into limitless and unconditiional love.  This method is adapted for working on yourself or with another person.

THE PATH TO SELF LOVE - Deepening the healing journey, with Alvita Soleil

 No matter who we are, what we do, where we are -- there is one relationship that affects our life journey more than any other, and that is the relationship with ourselves.  Many of us have had no frame of refererence for what unconditional love is.  Learning to value and appreciate ourselves, listening to our intuition and putting ourselves first, is like learning a new language.

Self love is not a matter of being better than others or selfish.  It is about connecting to ourselves in an authentic way, and nurturing  the connection to Source. 
Self-love is a path and a practice.  Learning to be kind and gentle with ourselves is one of the most challenging and transformative  endeavors we can do.  Not only does it change us,
​but everyone we come in contact with.

Love is the ultimate medicine that frees us from victimhood and powerlessness.  We will learn how to tend and befriend ourselves, even in the midst of difficulties and challenges.  
​We will explore the deepest questions that most people have in self-loving -- how can we accept the part of ourself that we don't like?  How do we work effectively with the inner critic --  judgmental mind?

With deep introspection and guidance you may discover for yourself the truth of who you really are -- a spiritual being,  living in a material world and secretly endowed with infinite intelligence and creative power.  Loving itself, being itself.

THE FULL BODY ELIXIR - Fun, flowing yoga on the beach with Calley O'Neill

Calley’s teaching is a deep, creative, fun fusion of yoga, qigong, deep breathing, and isometrics in a slow flow of practical love and activated kindness. The practice lengthens muscles, flows blood into them, making muscles more resilient, and healthier. Calley guides the integration of movement and breath with her love of Hawai’i in an inspiring guided moving meditation attuned to those present. 

Having directly experienced the benefits of a daily practice for dissolving pain into harmony, Calley emphasizes the inestimable benefits of having a daily mind/body/spirit practice.

Come open the Space for Grace. 

Calley teaches this slow flow yoga every  Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8-9:30,  and Saturdays from 8:30-10 a.m., seaside in the shade,  at the beautiful Lava Lava Beach Club, 
Waikoloa Beach Resort, Anaeho'omalu Bay


Our values are our internal compass and an anchor in a storm.  
We choose to cultivate  our core values with awareness and integrity.  
We believe in the values of the body, mind, and soul in harmony, cooperation and reverence for life.

We are Life itself!

We are practitioners who understand that we are here to use our gifts to make a positive difference in the world.

We treat others as how we would like to be treated beyond race, religion, culture, or economic circumstance.  Heaven is within -- the Divine is Love, Nature, Source, Christ, Buddha, Consciousness, whatever name people choose -- everyone and all things are of one essence.

We support YOU to own your passion, your purpose, your creativity, your abundance and success, and your optimum health and joy!

We all have the seed of love - of Divine intelligence within. ​​
It is up to us to know our interconnectedness with all of life
in order to create a more peaceful and sustainable world.

We are more than an academy - we are a social movement with a purpose to create a world in which every person is connected and stays connected to their innate wisdom.

Our intention is to educate, to bring awareness about our inner power and to make this potent medicine of healing arts accessible to everyone.