Energy testing is a neuromuscular bio-feedback method that occurs between a body muscle and the central nervous system. When we are properly trained and when we practice regularly, we can get past the chatting noises of our mind and access our inner knowing at all times. 
Energy testing interprets the body’s electrical impulses and the neurological function of all communication between sensory organs, receptors, muscles, glands, brain and our emotional and physical programs from the subconscious. The testing process depends on resonance and dissonance (weak or strong, love and fear).

When we test, a neuromuscular bio-feedback occurs between a body muscle and the central nervous system.  It is the neuromuscular feedback loop to and from the central nervous system that allows us to access the subconscious mind.

Our body uses the autonomic nervous system (ANS) to control involuntary functions that are critical for survival.  Fifty trillion cells in this system control and know everything that is happening in our body/mind. This information is not usually conscious to us.  Fortunately, the body is communicating the answers through a simple energy testing response, and it is the subconscious that controls muscle response that provides the answers.

Energy testing accesses the body’s innate wisdom. It can determine what makes the body strong (life enhancing, expanding, growing), or what makes it weak (what is harmful, detrimental, contracting) via the stress of an indicator muscle.  It is not a strength contest.

Energy testing is a physical, energetic and spiritual technique that needs to be taught with care and prudence in order to use it effectively and accurately.

Healing isn't just a theory but a force that is working inevery cell of our body since the moment we were born.  That intelligent force lives in our body, our mind, our soul is programmed to support our evolution as a being of light. 

Imagine a co-creative, living breathing relationship with your Body
​and your Divine Source!

Are you ready ?