Bridging Healing Arts, New Science,
and the Wisdom of Mother Earth

Alvita Soleil, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, medicine woman, teacher, visionary artist, and student of life.
For more than 35 years the study of Oriental medicine, human consciousness, and various forms of healing has been her dedication and passion. Dr. Alvita Soleil studied various method of body work such as massage, acupressure, jin shin do before receiving her acupuncture degree in 1982 from the American College of Traditional Medicine in San Francisco.  She graduated as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine from the Institute of Oriental Medicine in China in 1988.
For twenty years she operated a successful holistic clinic in Mill Valley, California where the unique approach to health and Bio-Energetic medicine was so sought after, that readers of San Francisco Focus Magazine voted her one of the “top Alternative Doctors” in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Since 2001, Dr. Soleil has practiced in Hawaii and founded Aloha Health Clinic in Kamuela where she currently practices.  Her emphasis is on prevention, detoxification, strengthening the body, awakening the mind and empowering the spirit. She offers an integrated and compassionate approach to many health challenges as she draws upon the wisdom of her own journey, weaving it with the expertise of Energy Medicine, the new field of  Energy Psychology, the paradigm of Quantum Science, and the exquisite wisdom of Mother Earth. Having dealt with many health challenges, her heart is open to a compassionate and integrated approach to wellbeing. For this reason she combines many holistic modalities in her practice with the use of her intuitive gifts.
Alvita's fundamental interest in medicine is the degree to which she can support the liberation and evolution of the consciousness of the individual.

In 2011, she founded Aloha Wellness Retreat. She opens her home for one-on-one private personal retreats, using not only her clinical expertise, but calling upon the nurturing element of the Big Island for an integrative healing experience. Her joy and passion for healing and assisting people in cultivating their own mastery is guided by the love for the truth and reverence for both the light and the shadow in each person's life journey.
In these time of global change and uncertainty there is a thirst for more meaning and purpose in our lives.  Happiness is not a commodity that can be bought with a gold card. The time is now to awaken to a deeper knowledge of who we are, with a new understanding of the integration of the human body, mind, heart, Soul and Nature. For this reason, she founded Hawaii Healing Arts Academy, an organization committed to teaching individuals and health care practitioners a new approach to healing, based on ancient traditions, Quantum Science and Heart Consciousness.