Whether you join us for a workshop, a retreat immersion, or classes, you’ll learn personalized tools to support your quest for total health and well-being.

BEAM is the foundation course for all the other programs offered by Dr. Soleil.  We facilitate three modules:
-- Module I - Beam Foundation
-- Module II - Beam Intermediate
-- Module III - Beam Intensive (Retreat)
BEAM workshops are not a crash course in muscle testing.  It is a comprehensive program designed for participants who:
  • Have a high value for personal growth and healing with the willingness to take personal responsibility for their own health
    and wellbeing
  • Are willing to attend both Module I and II  (Module III is optional)
  • Are being called to step out of their comfort zone, and are open to honest self-reflection
  • Want to polish their skills to get more reliable and accurate answers in energy testing
  • Are ready to learn new strategies to demystify and overcome obstacles they may have in energy testing
  • Want to continue to master their capacity to live life more consciously with more ease and grace
  • Have the desire to empower themselves and others

Energy Testing is a remarkable method permeated with nuances. Many have mastered the technical aspect of the process, but few are aware of the depths of the capacity and personal gifts that energy testing can provide.  Energy Testing has become more widely used, as well as more widely misused. How can we maintain integrity as we work with the subjectivity of subtle bioenergetics that hard science cannot measure? This is the void that BEAM seeks to fill.
Energy testing is the ultimate truth detector, and BEAM incorporates ET into a complete system of self-care and self-help.
For ease and efficiency a comprehensive manual, and many useful charts will be provided.


Module I:    ​​
  • Introduction
  • History                                                                                                     
  • Energy medicine                                                                             
  • What is BEAM – fundamental concepts
  • How / why it works
  • Different methods of testing
  • Formulating questions
  • Reverse polarity
  • Dosage / compatibility
  • Applications
  • Calibrations
  • Interference / stressors
  • Understanding basic principles of quantum physics
  • Principles and practices to assure consistency and accuracy
Applications, Exercises, Practices, Q&A


Module II   
  • Working with evaluation charts for: allergies, sensitivities, organs, glands, hormones, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, essential oils, herbal supplements and so much more
  • Scale of energetics
  • Responsibilities
  • Long distance testing
  • Exploration of the nature of the body and mind
  • Exploring belief systems and how it affects everything we do
  • Introduction to healing with energy psychology
  • Exploration of the purpose and gifts of BEAM 
  • Accessing the power of intuition, awareness, trust, focus, mindfulness, equanimity, surrender and presence
Applications, exercises, practices, Q&A, integration

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Module III
​BEAM Retreat Intensive TBA