BENEFITS OF BEAM - Physical,Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Health 

1.  Physical Health Benefits
BEAM can access data or information of the physical, structural, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of health. ​​
This health evaluation method can reveal hidden factors before they actually manifest into disease, as well as helping to find the underlying causes of chronic health issues.   
It can provide information about imbalances of the body, which otherwise may not be accessible through conventional medical methods or tests. This method can be used in conjunction with other medical approaches and is a complete system of self care and self-help.

  • Assess nutritional values of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and neurotransmitters 
  • Evaluate organs, hormones, and endocrine systems
  • Identify allergies and sensitivities  (food, environmental, nutritional and contact allergens)
  • Test chemicals, metals, pestsicides, pathogens, herbicides, candida, mold, fungi, and toxic environmental material

  • Find out which drugs, supplements, herbs or vitamins are the best for you 
  • Determine dosage and remedy compatibility
  • Determine the layers of imbalance and prioritize treatment
  • Test for essential oils, homeopathy or other remedies needed

  • Discover systemic correlations between fields of stress
  • Find acupuncture points and meridian imbalance
  • Determine the primary cause of an imbalance/stress
  • ​Test chakras and meridians to determine if they are open or blocked,
    ​and the cause of any blockages

  • Test for root causes of physical, mental and emotional symptoms
2.  Emotional Health Benefits

BEAM is a safe, easy, reliable and practical tool for communicating with any facet of the human psyche to clear fields of limitation and
outdated belief systems.  BEAM looks at the human being holistically, making true healing possible.  BEAM is an amazing practical method
​for anyone who wants to learn to take responsibility for their health, success, joy and ease in their life.​

  • Promotes self-empowerment, increases self-confidence by allowing us to trust our divine nature, and the wisdom of the body
  • Heals and clears limiting, distorted, negative beliefs, automatic emotional patterns and imprints from past traumas                       
  • Improves emotional intelligence, intuition, brings change, renewal and love in every aspect of life  ​

  • Fosters awareness, intuition and encourages independent thinking and creativity                                                       
  • Releases the stress and fear that hardship involves in decision making
  • Saves money and time - many issues can be identified within seconds
  • Increases self-confidence and willingness to take positive action in our lives

3.  Spiritual Health Benefits

BEAM is not so much what we do with it, but what it allows us to become.

This modality connects us with our innate wisdom.  It is an effective way to restructure outdated subconscious perceptions and beliefs that no longer serve.  Brings larger understanding of any issue chosen to address.

  • Heal the separation from Source.  
  • ​Helps us to recognize that we are the creator of our own reality.
  • Enhance our awareness of who we are as we strengthen our inner power 
  • Encompasses the philosophy of oneness, brings equinimity in our life
  • Restores health and well-being

  • Gives us an opportunity to grow by integrating the ego into the heart of Divine Consciousness
  • Spiritual guidance and metaphysical knowledge can be discovered
  • Reduce distortion of our perception so we can respond to life with greater clarity and wisdom
  • Cultivate a deeper experience of our true nature beyond the mind
  • Bring awareness and presence to the moment

4.  Other Benefits
Besides health and emotional issues, energy testing is a reliable guide for our life choices.  Its application is unlimited from the mundane to the most profound aspects of life, and can be expanded upon and developed to suit your unique constitution and  needs.  There are many pieces to the puzzle of any issue in life, and yet with proper and precise training in BEAM, you will be able  to answer many personal questions, such as:

Relationship issues                                                           Finances / Business Investment                                       Life purpose   ​​
Love / Spirituality                                                               Where to live                                                                       Where to work
Booking a trip                                                                     Furniture to buy                                                                  Lost objects

Where to move                                                                   What party to go to                                                            Who to be with

What book to read or to buy                                           Communicate with your pets, plants                               And so much more...

How specific substances, thoughts, memories, relationships and other experiences affect brain chemistry, behavior, physical and mental health and emotional well-being

The Power & Science of BEAM is a profound experience that offers a lifetime of healing benefits to anyone seeking spiritual awakening, emotional well-being and greater physical health and vitality.  It is a vital foundation for making conscious choice and re-discovering
​our innate power, and ease of being. 

BEAM is an invitation to know ourselves,
to use our power wisely and ethically
for the enhancement of our health,
our well-being and our precious Earth.