Hawaii Healing Arts Academy Presents

Bio-Energetic Alignment Method

A Transformative Approach to Health and Self-Empowerment


BEAM (Bio-Energetic Alignment Method) is a revolutionary transformative, multi-faceted holistic healing modality.  BEAM is an easy energy medicine technique for getting answers to questions you may have about health and relationship challenges, personal growth, emotional and spiritual issues, and everyday choices.

Each one of us is a body of divine mystery and mastery, although we spend most of our time on the surface, dealing with our daily existence, most of us hunger to connect and align with our true nature.  To faciliate this journey,
I designed BEAM.

BEAM is a healing roadmap that assists us in optimizing supportive conscious choice in everything we do, as well as identifying and healing imbalance of the body, mind, emotions and Soul.  It also invites us to heal limiting beliefs and outdated patterns that no longer serve us.

The BEAM method integrates many modalities such as ancient practices of oriental medicine, energy psychology techniques (EFT, tapping, Psych-K, NAET, etc.), cutting edge quantum science, and energy medicine, illuminating powers of muscle testing and heart-based consciousness.

To everyone who is seeking greater health, vitality, spiritual awakening, freedom, and a more joyful life,
​I welcome you!

May this workshop bring you inspiration and great love! 

Dr. Alvita Soleil,  O.M.D., LAc., NCCAOM 

BEAM invites us to transform deeply within, to cultivate a deeper experience of our true nature, to heal limiting beliefs and outdated patterns that no longer serve us. The result is profound healing, and greater freedom. 
  • BEAM uses simple energy testing (ET ) (aka muscle testing) to gather information not directly available to the rational mind.  ET is a neuromuscular bio-feedback tool that occurs between a body muscle and the central nervous system.  It is the neuromuscular feedback loop to and from the central nervous system that allows us to access the subconscious mind.

  • BEAM is a wholistic medicine method that addresses the mental and emotional side of health and well-being.  It eliminates confusion and stressful choice by discerning what is truth from false and what is ultimately beneficial/supportive, rather than detrimental and harmful.  It supports us in stepping into our authentic power and creating positive change.​

  • BEAM is a safe, practical, reliable and easy healing method to learn and to use.  Its application is unlimited, from the mundane to the most profound aspects of life, and can be expanded upon and developed to suit every need.

  • BEAM knows no boundaries, only the boundaries of the mind. It is used for healing, personal growth, relationships, 
    health, work, financial success, physical and emotional energy blockages.  It is also an effective way to restructure 
    outdated subconscious perceptions and beliefs that are sabotaging our lives.

  • BEAM can be the bridge that heals the gap between fear and love by helping us to trust and to believe in our self. It heals the illusion of separation from Source.​

  • BEAM's  purpose is to support self-empowerment, mindfulness, and awareness of the interconnection of the relationship between  body, mind, soul and the world around us.  BEAM modality teaches us about our inner powers, such as trust, awareness, equinimity, surrender, intention, presence, responsibility, and so much more.

  • BEAM is not just a complementary and essential method for getting answers to questions we may have.  It is an empowerment modality that promotes self-responsibility for our health and well-being.​

  • BEAM can be used by lay people, therapists, doctors, coaches, consultants and health practitioners.

When we make conscious choices in alignment with the highest possibility that supports  health and wellbeing,
we remove the baggage of stress, fear, self-doubt, and worry.  We bring authentic love and joy to our lives in

a way that is presently unimaginable!  

​This method is  a reliable, simple and elegant approach to healing.